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Dating a Colombian Woman – Best Places To Meet Them

Dating a person from another culture is always a fantastic experience. Every culture has its own quirks and unique aspects, and Colombian is no exception. To understand the peculiarities of marrying a Colombian woman, it would be great to learn about their background.

Colombia is a country that has been in tourist isolation for years. Not like the tourists weren’t welcome. Some people were really terrified by drug trafficking and criminality issues. Things have changed nowadays. Tourists believe that Colombia is one of the most advanced and organized countries in Latin America. This is a country of smiling residents and mesmerizingly beautiful women.

The Colombian dating scene is pretty direct. No pitfalls, no reading between the lines. A man and a woman like each other and go out to see if they can make a good couple in the end. A family model where a man is a strong earner and a woman is a tender caregiver is what all Colombian brides seek. Seducing a local girl is a bit complicated but still a manageable task. Read attentively to succeed in dating these gorgeous brides.

Colombian Women Characteristics

Passionate and Jealous

Girls in Colombia are like hurricanes. A woman from Colombia is very emotional. There’s nothing beautiful Colombian women can do without passion. They believe it to be the perfect seasoning for life. A human being is plain without a pinch of passion. Especially when it comes to amorous staff. When you start dating a woman from Colombia, don’t even dare to woo other girls. Never. Ever. What Colombians dislike is unfaithful partners. If you haven’t settled yet, just say that and don’t give them false hopes.


The family has always been the most important thing in the lives of any Colombian lady. Their love for parents, siblings, and grannies has no boundaries. These gorgeous girls will always choose family over everything. The opinion of parents matters a lot. So as soon as things start getting serious, you will be immediately introduced to a family circle. It doesn’t mean that you will always have to share a Colombian wife with her parents. Once you get married, Colombian mail order bride puts you and your kids first place.

Colombian women


There’s a stereotype that sassy Colombian ladies can’t be loyal because of their sensuality and openness to people. This is a big misconception. Colombia has one of the lowest divorce rates in the world. Local girls are deeply faithful to their husbands. These women are so devoted that Colombian mail order wives can close their eyes to many things just to protect the marriage. Breaking up is the last thing they think of when the troubles show up.

More Traditional and Value Men

Just like family and relationships are valuable to them, so does the traditional social order. These ladies adore the feminine charm they carry to the world and let men rule. They prefer men who display some masculine power and can stand for their families. In Colombia, wives love to be homemakers to remain sure that an age-old culture is protected. When dating a Colombia woman, be prepared to initiate dating and pay the bills. Here, girlfriends won’t get surprised if you take the cheque on you. For them, this is how things are about to be.

Sociable and Friendly

Despite the drug and criminality issues that Colombia is recovering from, a country is a place of brightness and joy. This is not only applied to vibrant nightlife but also to local people. They managed to preserve a friendly attitude to the world. Colombian brides celebrate life in its every manifestation. Their friendly smile is very predisposing. They believe in the good nature of people and are always amiable to foreigners. Despite your accent or skin color, as long as you behave decently, they’re ready to make you feel at home.

Appearance Matters

Appearance is very important for all these beauties. Obsession with looks is one of the important cultural characteristics of a Colombian woman. You will notice these women feel great pride in their appearance. They’re very careful about how they look in public and what clothes they choose. Many women won’t simply go out to a grocery store without applying at least a little makeup.

What about traditional appearance, Colombia is one of few Latin countries with the biggest diversity of women’s looks. Somewhere on the streets of Bogota or Medellin, a gringo will spot girls of olive to chocolate skin color. What adds to the natural attractiveness of local brides is their willingness to experiment. Caramel blonde and light brown are the favorite choices of hot Colombian brides. We must admit, these ladies look stunning in every hair color.

No guide on Colombian girl dating can’t go without admiring their alluring body shapes. The hourglass figures and sexy curves of these ladies can’t leave any man indifferent.

How To Meet Colombian Girls?

In-Person Approach

Give yourself some time to unwind and get surrounded by real Colombian brides. Plan a trip to Colombia to woo local chicas in person. Dating these babes is a thrilling experience. Don’t stop in only one city, plan a trip to at least three destinations. Medellin, Barranquilla, and Bogota have the most vibrant nightlife and most opportunities for a day game approach.

Meet Mail Order Brides From Colombia Online

Who would argue the effectiveness of matrimonial services when it comes to international dating. Choose specialized Latina dating sites to meet your love from Colombia. Here are 5 sites that can assist you in dating a girl from Colombia.


Best Colombian dating sites
1 Colombian Cupid
2 Latin American Cupid
4 Tinder
5 Chispa


Meet Colombian Girls

Dating a Colombian Woman: Top Tips and Tricks

Be Generous but not Wasteful

Colombia is a good place to enjoy a basic travel budget. You don’t have to count every cent when deciding to set off on a love trip. Your money would be enough to rent decent accommodation and take a local girl on a few romantic dates. Keeping the balance between generosity and wastefulness is not that easy. You may pumper a woman with a few cute gifts, but purchasing jewelry items or giving money to “a relative who’s seriously ill” are not the best idea. Let a Colombian bride fall for your personality, but not your wallet.

Be Prepared to Pay if You Only Want Sex

Local girls are very hot. They’re alluring with sexy curves, hips, and breasts. What men would resist such a beauty? But if “hot” is your only motivation, we can guarantee that you’ll end up with gold diggers who’ll only need a credit card and green card to keep relationships going. Don’t expect Colombian mail order brides to be loyal to a sex mate. If you’re not interested in serious things, pay for sex or leave.

Say Nice Things About Them

Colombian brides love to hear pleasant things from people whom they consider enjoyable. They will appreciate every good comment about their personality and looks as long as you sound sincere. If single Colombian women smiles with both mouth and eyes, she’s yours.

Mind Your Hygiene

Colombians are hard-core about hygiene. They don’t understand how people would not shower any given day. They shower every day and sometimes even twice or three times a day. Good hygiene is not about showering, it’s about neat, tidy clothes and being well-groomed. Leave your tourist T-shirts for another country. Look your best when going out and especially when dating a Colombian chica. You see, these ladies are obsessed with looks. When seeing a man in the evening, they may start preparing in the morning alternating beauty rituals. Gorgeous Colombian women for marriage will carefully select clothes, makeup, and hair to impress their date. If you appear in a smelly shirt and with greasy hair, it would be highly disrespectful.

Don’t Rush Things

Colombian brides may be hard to understand. Sometimes they seem to dress to allure and give you unequivocal gestures but then reject you. You see, physical contact is an integral part of Latin culture. They may stay close to you and hug, but it doesn’t always mean an invitation to sex. Colombian brides want to be chased by men and play the give and let go game. Accept the rules, or you risk failing.

How To Impress a Colombian Bride?

Learn to Shake Your Body

Of course, not all Colombian wives are dancing gurus but moving bodies to the rhythms is what the majority of them love to do. You don’t need to become a professional dancer, but learning a few simple salsa moves will amaze your woman.

Take Spanish Lessons

You have no idea how much Spanish will help you win a Colombian single woman. These brides love it when Americans show respect to the culture and language of the country they visit. It’s enough to pronounce a few basic phrases in a special American way to make the hearts of Colombian singles melt.

Don’t Explode When She Arrives Late. Yes, Again.

Punctuality and Colombian women are antonyms. Not always, but in the majority of cases, a girl will arrive with a 20-minute delay. For a Westerner accustomed to seeing punctual local ladies, getting used to constant lateness is a real challenge. Accept it as given, and don’t get angry when Colombian mail order wife appears later than expected. Patience and a welcoming smile would be enough.

Colombian Bride

Do Colombian Women Like American Men?

I can tell even more – they are passionate about dating an American. Your U.S residence will help you outshine other Colombian women admirers. There are several reasons why local women looking for love prefer a foreigner over an area man. Truth be told, some of them won’t sound very romantic. So let’s see why Colombian brides go mad about American men.

Unfavorable Social Situation

This covers a high criminality rate as well as a high level of domestic violence and a high unemployment rate. Colombia still overcomes drug trafficking issues. Locals, especially women, prefer not to go out late at night. Besides, Colombia is one of the countries in the region where violence against women is highly prevalent. Consequently, it’s no wonder why these beautiful girls seek a better life with a man abroad.

She Wants to Melt in Man’s Hands

A Colombian marriage is like a volcano. You never know when it’s going to explode. A bond of two hot-tempered and possessive personalities gives no confidence about the future. Picking the right words just in order not to make her husband angry is not what a local bride is interested in. In such an atmosphere, it’s hard to relax and enjoy life. Colombian women looking for American men want a calm partner who can give them a sense of stability.

They are Open to the World

Hot Colombian women are naturally curious. Immersing in new cultures and traditions is always an exciting experience. Having a foreign husband is the best way to do that. These chicas have a positive attitude to life. For them, there are no borders on the way to achieving the aim. That’s why they see no problem with international dating. Even if you may get separated by a thousand miles.


These women are desired and admired by foreign grooms. A local woman is the embodiment of tenderness and passion, devotedness and beauty. Marriage with a bride from Colombia is a perfect plan for a man who values the traditional social order and wants to get a loyal and feminine partner. Now when you’re aware of all the precious characteristics of brides from Colombia, you can start conquering a local dating scene. Just make sure you don’t lose your mind when surrounded by so many hotties!

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Find a Colombian Girl?

What we love about Colombian girls is their friendliness and openness. These features make any scenario of finding a wife in Colombia possible. You can meet Colombian women looking for love in a day game or during the nightlife in the country’s largest cities. If an in-person approach doesn’t sound like a plan to you, we have another suggestion. Thousands of Colombian mail order brides are waiting to meet their destiny online. Check out a few most popular Latina dating sites to get matched to hot Colombian brides.

Are Colombian Girls Easy?

Colombian girls are easy to pick if compared to Danish or German brides. Nonetheless, we wouldn’t call them easy. Some men may brag of having no problem in getting laid in Colombia, while others say the tourists have messed everything up. What we know for sure is that there are plenty of decent brides in Colombia. They only sleep with men when in serious relationships. Simultaneously, there are some gold-diggers willing to sleep with men for money. You can meet Colombian ladies of both kinds if you look in the right places.

Why Are Colombian Women So Beautiful?

The secret of Colombian brides’ beauty lies in the mix of genes and self-care. As we said, most Colombians are obsessed with their looks. They wouldn’t leave the house in pajamas, even when going to the nearest grocery store. Colombian girls radiate confidence and always let themselves look like million dollars. One more fact that contributes to the attractiveness of local women is the availability of plastic surgeries.

How To Date a Colombian Woman

Colombian dating culture is pretty straightforward. It’s much influenced by the traditional gender roles when men take the initiative. Dating Colombian brides is easy if you’re ready to show some masculine power and take everything into your hands. The key tips on seeing a Colombian girl are to mind your look, don’t be a miser on compliments, and have a wise attitude to money. Remember that Colombian women may want you to woo her like at the chivalry times.

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