Does a Mail Order Bride Cost a Fortune: In-Depth Guide

A mail order bride is an ultra-modern trend on the dating scene. Why do so many males worldwide focus on seeking cross-ethnic or international romances, relationships, and marriages? There are so many beautiful females around!

In fact, offline encounters require much time, creativity, money, and effort. Besides, the western world has experienced powerful feministic trends recently, and it is still struggling to recover. American, British, Canadian, and many other women on our planet become almost scared of men. When choosing life partners, these self-confident and successful ladies are often picky and sophisticated. Fear of rejection grows fast in men’s hearts. So, the time for mail order brides has come.

Still, everything is not so sad. Very often, both men and women can travel halfway around the world to find a spouse with a different cultural background. They simply want to share their own values and learn more about other traditions, love etiquette, family roles, etc. However, they should think about mail order brides pricing in this case.

How Much Are Mail Order Wives at Online Dating Platforms?

Cross-national mail order wife platforms called dating sites or apps the best possible solutions globally to meet the needs of the entire male population. If a man seeks a foreign girlfriend to turn her into a credible life partner, he cannot find a better place than a virtual dating service. Why is it so? In fact, everything is clear since several factors weigh more than all pleasures of traveling and romantic venues:

  • Safety, privacy, and security in providing a completely discreet interaction.
  • Real assistance and responsiveness in solving various matrimonial problems.
  • Online translation, video sessions, voice calls are immersive and require almost nothing compared with in-person communication.
  • The opportunity to get closer to each other online can save you the trouble of misunderstanding later.

However, decent services are paid. An average mailorder brides cost from 20 bucks per month and up to $300 per year. Besides, some sites can be even more expensive when they come with a credit-based payment model. It means that you should buy specific services each time you want to, for example, write an email or send a smile.

mail order bride cost

You can hear different answers when you ask something like, “how much are mail order wives.” The point is that online services have different sets of extras, from mid-range tools to VIP features. Just imagine, some platforms offer personal virtual assistants and coaches to enhance your chance to find love. At the same time, others come with ID verification and several private modes to manage your account properly. Of course, these apps might be costly.

Besides, various projects target different nationalities and races. It means that you may find that Asian mail order brides cost more on niche sites than Americans on versatile local-based or international platforms.

How to Save Cash and Get the Most?

If you want to buy a wife in a virtual world and take her to reality, you should invest in your dreams. Yet, you can handle bills and reduce monetary losses by acting carefully and wisely. Let’s see how to save hard-earned coins and attain the desired:

However strong your desire may be to pay less and make mail order bride prices fall, never pick the cheapest dating projects on the Web. Moreover, you should forget about free apps once and forever. What is the point? Have you ever heard that nothing costs more than something that’s free? The same applies to cheap mail order brides. First, these apps are not secure and can easily violate your privacy. Then, there are many scammers and bogus profiles on these sites. They rarely feature good standing and can hardly provide you with the expected outcome. So, using free resources is not effective and even dangerous.

If you use a credit-centric platform, pay attention to how much money you should spend on buying credits to order a bride. What is the rate? Do you have to spend a couple of bucks per bunch of coins? Maybe, even a small amount of credits is expensive. Besides, think about tools. In fact, you barely need them all. So, choose carefully and buy workable features. Let’s see, pure chatting is useless, but video sessions will definitely be helpful.

What Should You Consider When Calculating Mail Order Bride Pricing

So, let’s summarize influential factors on the mail order bride cost:

  • Dating site’s focus (demographics).
  • The app’s quality.
  • Pricing for various premium packages.
  • A number of features.
  • The exchange rate when you buy credits.

So, how much for a mail order bride do you have to pay? If you find your soulmate in a month, everything will cost you no more than $50. Do you need several months? So, be ready to spend $100 and more.

However, online encounters should result in offline dates with real mail order wives sooner or later. Of course, everyone understands that such a plot twist entails extra costs.

How Much Are You Willing to Pay to Buy Mail Order Brides?

Offline meetups have nominal prices when you get in touch with partners within your location. However, international romances require much more investment. Distances and various countries’ specifics form an average cost of mail order bride. Now, let’s see which objects of expenditure should be taken into account:

  • Airline tickets

Of course, you need to book a flight. You may pick layovers and save some cash, but comfort and time are more important in this case. So, if you buy a nonstop flight from the USA to one of the European countries, it will cost you nearly $1,700. Note that the flight to Eastern Europe may require over $2,000. Oriental routes are cheaper. For example, a flight from North America to one of the Asian regions needs up to $1,000. The cheapest way is your path to Latin America: just $500 on average.

  • Inland transport

Apart from airlines, you should think about buses, trains, and cars since many destinations are far from airports. In this case, those booking hotels with the transfer included having a much better position because they don’t have to rent cars or buy bus tickets separately.

  • Booking a hotel

Prices of mail order brides should include hotels. In this case, the final bill depends on your requirements and preferences. If you choose an elite hotel in a popular place or premium-class resort, be ready to invest a lot. Still, inns in small towns are quite affordable. So, if your hot mail order bride lives in one of such towns, it’s better to be humble. Of course, you may invite your cutie to your country. Generally, the room in a decent American hotel costs up to $300 per night. A budget room in a European hotel is a bit cheaper, $120 per night. Hotels in Asia and Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Belarus, Russia) are the cheapest, having an average price of $70.

  • Romantic venues

Cafes and restaurants come first when dealing with the first date and regular meetups. So, these places might be affordable or, on the contrary, too expensive, depending on their statuses, menus, etc. Do you plan to drink a cup of coffee with your cutie? Then, 30 bucks will be enough. Still, you should be prepared to invest much more in a romantic dinner. The bill may reach $300, but also yet a limit.

  • Gifts and Purchases

Well, this is a sensitive topic. How much should you spend on gifts? Of course, there is no need to brag about your wallet if you want to find real love. At the same time, it’s crucial to prove your interest and intentions. Well, in this case, you should consider your budget. Are you a millionaire? Then, a gift that costs $30 will look a little indecent. In addition, your beloved woman’s occupation also plays a role. Does a model or business lady accept a fugazy? Not likely.

  • Wedding

Finally, a long-awaited event is arranged. The wedding is right around the corner, and soon, you walk your love down the aisle. How much is a mail order bride cost as a wife on your wedding day? Let’s see. An average wedding in the USA requires nearly $30,000. Still, it is more expensive in France and costs 40,000 EUR. Still, a humble ceremony will require just 5,000 EUR in Europe. In its turn, a decent Asian wedding is around $12,000. South African ceremony with guests, a restaurant, and entertainment needs up to R200,000.

As you see, the cost of a mail order bride fluctuates significantly. However, if some stuff seems too expensive for you, there are many ways to save money. Think a little, half of the budget relates to the venue. Those not ready to spend a fortune can choose nice places that are not the hype. A little-known spot is often more beautiful and promising than a promoted restaurant or sight.

Then, another tip may come in handy. Did you know that nearly 10% of the budget is usually spent on wedding decorations and accessories? Just forget artificial rags and prioritize nature. Greenery, wild flowers, trees, etc., are better than exotic décor.

real mail order wives

What Is a Bride Price in Different Countries?

If you date a foreign woman and want to marry her, wedding etiquette is crucial to consider. Most people know that countries like China or India have saved many old traditions and made them a part of modern culture. Bride price is one of them. For example, many men cannot afford their beloved soul mates in Sub-Saharan Africa because they should pay a bride price to their women’s families. So a man has to give money and presents to his future parents-in-law. In this way, he makes a kind of restitution to the family when he diverts their daughter from home.

By the way, this tradition is still powerful in China, Thailand, and Papua New Guinea. Is the bride price in America valid? Actually, not. If an American man marries a foreign woman who is a USA resident, no old-school customs will ruin the fun. However, if a western fiancé arranges a wedding ceremony in the house of his Thai or African wife, he should follow her family traditions. Do you want your love to be with you forever? Then, share your happiness with her parents in the format of some cash.

Are Prices of Mail Order Brides Worth Paying?

Are you ready to pay to find real love overseas? Well, the outcome is worth trying. Actually, costs are minimal in the initial stage since a man buys a membership on a dating app and nothing more. However, if a guy realizes that he has met his dream and happiness, all expenses are well-founded.

At the same time, no one should waste tons of money if he doesn’t have it. Acquaintance, dating, and marriage cannot go outside the budget. After all, the modern world is so diverse that it allows arranging a mind-blowing ceremony without heavy monetary losses. The main thing is to be creative and active enough to arrange everything without hurting your wallet.


Are Mail Order Brides Free?

Of course, a lady won’t take a coin to get your love. At the same time, your romantic quest requires some expenses, time, and effort. So, it is not correct to talk about free search when you make investments in reality. That’s why a mail order wife cost is a generally recognized wording to get an idea of how much you should spend. Of course, no one means human trafficking and other horror show stuff. Men don’t pay for women but just invest in their romantic research to ensure the desired outcome.

What Is the Average Price for a Mail Order Bride?

The range is very extensive. Plenty of external and human factors influence the price, meaning your tastes, a dating agency’s standing, various purchases, residing in the country of your bride, etc. Besides, a particular race or nation’s popularity on the modern dating scene also affects the bill. Consider that Japanese prices are higher than many others because these women feature booming popularity nowadays.

In addition, the price can fluctuate depending on how long you seek love. Bear in mind that most dating apps require a paid subscription to access their tools and functionalities. It means that the longer your membership is, the more you pay.

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Russian Bride?

Russian mail order wife price is relatively high because of hype. You can invest from $5,000 to $30,000, depending on her quality, status, and appearance. Of course, models, celebrities, business owners, and other public singles will be more expensive. Still, if you want to reduce fees, it’s possible to meet a simple girl from a rural area. There is no need to worry about their irrelevance. They can also be smart, beautiful, and even more loyal than city figures. So, stay calm and consider your budget to align it with your tastes and expectations.

Is it Legal to Buy a Bride?

Purchasing people is not legal at all. The same applies to buying a foreign wife or girl for relationships preached at face value. Still, it is completely legal to pay to online agencies or offer money to third-party companies/individuals for their help in your search. Your activities are 100% within the law if you stick to a legit dating resource and buy premium packs to get tools and use them in your love quest. At the same time, you may get yourself in a lot of trouble when using Darknet dating platforms.

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